Size Guide

Continental Sizes 

Scandi clothes follow continental sizing. Sizes are given in centimetres instead of weight or age.

Some brands use dual cm sizing, for example 50/56, 62/68.  If your child is well into the 2nd group of the size, for example 55 cm, the next size up 62/68 could offer more use.

The following guide should help you to find the right size.

Height (cm)  Age     

44   Early Baby

50   Tiny Baby

56   Newborn

62   3 months

68   6 months

74   9 months

80   12 months

86   18 months

92    2 years

98    3 years

104   4 years

110   5 years

116   6 years

122   7 years

128   8 years


As all babies are different there may be smaller or taller babies. If in doubt, you can check your baby’s size by measuring their length (cm). For longer babies that grow out of bodies faster, you can use body extenders. Also if you use cloth nappies please allow for space.

Vintage sizes

Vintage clothes were sized differently to how they are now and varied from country to country. As we source our vintage from brands all other the world, we try to approximate where possible to modern standard sizes.