Circular Fashion and Destash Service

Circular Fashion and Destash Service

A circular fashion industry is one in which waste and pollution are designed out, products and materials are kept in use for as long as possible, including through reusing and recycling, and where natural systems are regenerated. 


This is the model we base our business on at The Little Bear's Wardrobe. Part of this is the brands we stock, but mainly this is achieved through our preloved section. 

Our destash service is designed to be as simple as possible! We buy by the kg, but all you need to do is pop your washed and folded clothes in a box, send to us and we do the rest! We catalogue it, value it, photograph it, sell it and post it to our customers! Once your items are valued we send you a breakdown with you total, and credit you straight away. No need to wait for you items to sell. It's that easy! 

We offer store credit for your items. I simply add to value to your shop account and you can spend it at your leisure, on new or preloved items. Then, once you are finished with them you can return them through our destash service and start the whole process again! 

You can see our full selling TS and Cs below

No waste; save money 

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