Responsible Retail



We choose only the best in sustainable kids fashion for your little ones. The majority of our brands are European, but we buy from companies all over the world and in the UK. Most of our brands are ethically produced and GOTS certified organic. We carefully select our ranges to fit our ethos and to make sure we have the best of what is available. We are always on the lookout for new, sustainable brands and are very keen to support small businesses. 


Our preloved clothes are all from our destash service. Wearing preloved clothes is one of the most affordable and sustainable ways of challenging fast fashion culture; and it’s at the heart of everything we do here at the Little Bear’s Wardrobe. We never reject anything that can be worn or used again.



We accept everything preloved that is offered at The Little Bear’s Wardrobe, as long as it is organic. As our prices reflect condition, we have absolute bargain playwear , as well as value pieces in less popular prints. Anything we receive that is beyond use is upcycled into new products for resale. Non-organic brands that sneak through are sold cheaply on our Facebook group or donated to charity. We firmly believe that this is the most important part of what we do.



This was one of the first things i looked at when i started the Little Bear’s Wardrobe. Our own packaging is completely plastic free. All our products are wrapped in recycled tissue or brown paper (which can be reused too!). Then everything is sent in cardboard boxes. These can then be recycled, composted or used for postage or wrapping presents. We constantly reassess our packaging to make it more eco-friendly so it will change from time to time. Almost all of our new products arrive in plastic so we send them out still in it, rather than bin it and rewrap in something else. They are handy sized bags and there are plenty of ways they can be reused inside the home. We also use these bags for customers in our Frome shop rather than fancy bags. 


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