Sell With Us

We buy your old clothes!

Developing our circular fashion model has been really important to us. It keeps clothes from landfill and makes organic clothing more affordable. 

And we keep things as simple as possible.

We take any organic clothes in any condition.

Simply box up and send to us.

We weigh and catalogue your clothes and apply  credit to your account within 2-3 working days.

We now only offer store credit as a payment option.

We pay the following rates depending of condition:


Fair/playwear: £10 per kg 

Very good/excellent: £30 per kg 

Brand new: Resell price minus 40% commission

Please see Selling TS and Cs for more details 

We can offer cash payment in some circumstances at the same rates as above, minus a 20% fee

To get started, just drop us an email to