My Story to Sustainability


I was an angry young woman.  

A firebrand.  
A trailblazer.  
Probably referred to as 'difficult'.   
Burning with the fire of righteous indignation.  
I would say age and motherhood have softened me.
But that would be a lie.
But, I have come to realise that the changes I make are more important than what I say. 
So we found practical ways as a family to make a difference. We have insulated water bottles, bought fabric nappies, went vegan, Christmas is plastic free.  
But my most life changing discovery, was waking up to the damage fast fashion has on people and the planet. Making the switch to preloved organic clothing for my youngest is what started the journey to opening TLBW.  
I passionately believe that we can all make a huge difference by making small changes; no one can be perfect. Maybe go plant based on a Tuesday; walk to work once a week; ditch some of the plastic. I want to make the option to say goodbye to fast fashion a realistic one for people; easily accessible and affordable.  
Saving the world one beautiful,
colourful babygrow at a time.

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