The Little Bear's Guide to Shopping Secondhand this Christmas

The Little Bear's Guide to Shopping Secondhand this Christmas

As Cliff famously sang in the 1980s classic, Mistletoe and Wine, “Christmas is joy; Christmas is Peace”. Except that it’s not really. Not anymore. It’s become more and more a celebration of capitalism and consumerism; with cash strapped families struggling to fund it and the global plastic tat machine going into overdrive.


But, it’s never been more important to reduce our consumption than it is now. The urgent need to adjust our shopping habits has seen many people opt for a more sustainable Christmas this year and focusing on secondhand shopping.


Where to shop


If your idea of shopping preloved is trawling through all your local charity, then we have news for you! There are so many options now, and these are just a few



Ebay is a great place for picking up bargains, especially at times of the year when lots of people are selling. You can filter by new/used so you can just view second hand items. One Ebay you normally can bid on items or use the ‘buy it now’ option. The second option is normally closer to what the seller is hoping for, and is an easier option if bidding is stressful for you. If trying to get things cheaper is your priority, then you can bid on items. Sort by ‘ending soonest’ to see what is available sooner.




Great for toys, clothes and beauty products as well as a small amount of books and homeware. You buy directly from individuals via the app. You pay at purchase, then send it out, you approve it when it arrives and they are paid. There is a list price and then you pay protection fees and shipping on top of that.




Pick up bargains locally through Facebook marketplace and local selling groups. There are also lots of item-specific selling groups that you can join and buy items. When distance buying through Facebook ALWAYS use Goods and Services on PayPal to protect you from any issues.


Charity Shops


I mean, they are awesome… Also, check out car boot sales and flea markets


Secondhand shops and Websites


There are now lots of secondhand businesses that focus on selling specific things. A lot of these are online and a quick google search will help you find them. Items might be slightly more expensive, but then you have the peace of mind of being covered by consumer law, plus items are normally thoroughly inspected before sale.




How to Shop


Be prepared


Write lists; focus the debate. Think about what people might like if you could afford it, then get that second hand! You’ll be amazed at what you can pick up.


Take your time


If you are heading out to the shops, give yourself a good chunk of time to have a good look. If you are shopping online at home, be prepared to spend a few evenings doing it. Grab a glass of wine or a cup of tea, put your feet up and enjoy.


What else can you do


Shopping preloved at Xmas doesn’t have to stop at gifts. Reuse your decorations; or upcycle them. Wrap gifts in scarfs or old newspapers. Use greenery to decorate your house. There’s loads you can do!


Having a preloved Christmas gives you the chance to reduce your consumption, but also have fun and think outside of the box too.

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