Why I haven't written a blog before (and other exciting stories)

I've always fancied myself as a bit of a wordsmith, even when I was very young. I used to write the opening paragraphs of novels in my head whilst sat on the loo, aged 7, casually staring round the bathroom shelves for inspiration. I have boxes of stuff I've written and discarded (like all writers, right?). The Smaller Teen (The ST) and I even have a competition to see you can write and publish a novel first. Obviously, I am way behind. 


So, I have no real explanation as to why on earth I've completely failed to write a blog for the website. Laziness (unlikely). Lack of time (way up there). Imposter syndrome (definitely up there). Who knows. 


So, I'm giving it a go. 


'Bringing up Bear' will be my fascinating blog all about us and our family, the business, our beliefs, our values, stuff that makes me rage, things that make me cry, ways I'm changing the world. All of it.


Hopefully, some of you will stick around for the journey.