Walkiddy Tunic - Robot Friends

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100% Organic Cotton

Walkiddy relies on ecological baby and children's clothing. The aim in the manufacture of our clothing is to create sustainable and socially responsible production from the organic cotton used to the finished item of clothing, from which our extraordinary products are ultimately created. Walkiddy is also certified with the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) textile seal. More details can be found on the GOTS website and here.

Walkiddy not only enchants with the high quality of the organic cotton used, but also with its comfortable cuts and shapes. Our designers use a variety of methods (painting with watercolor, marker, pastel or charcoal) to create authentic, detailed and unique designs, which are then transferred almost one-to-one to our garments.
Babies and children will feel completely at ease in Walkiddy clothes, as if the natural fibers used were flattering their delicate skin.