Playwear Boxes

Playwear Boxes

Just because clothing isn't perfect, we don't believe it's reached the end of it's usable life! Small marks, wash fade and tiny holes are all common place in kids clothing. They are designed to be worn after all!

Rather than these end up in landfill, we let them be reused. Online, we offer a player 'Mystery Box' where you are sent a selection of playwear. In store, we have a 'Pick and Mix' area where you can choose you own bundle.

Playwear is particularly suited to nursery, forest school and messy play. You don't have to worry about ruining your 'good' clothes, or buy cheap fast fashion items that can just be binned when they get too messy.

We always buy back playwear; whatever the condition. Even if it is too ruined to use, have it made into hairbands, bibs etc to give it a new lease of life.


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