Our Brands

We scour the globe searching for brands that align with our values. It's important to us that our brands can provide traceability throughout their supply chain, and also whose business practices are in keeping with our slow fashion philosophy. 


Müsli is one of the brands operated by Green Cotton. Green Cotton has been around since 1986, when founder Leif Nørgaard acquired an interest in the environment and textiles, before many others had even thought the thought. Throughout all these years, the company behind Green Cotton - Novotex - has received an impressive number of awards as proof of the serious work they have done to make the textile industry more environmentally friendly.

Today, by Green Cotton is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management). The company is also certified by GOTS.

Clothes for our little ones must be smart and durable. And when the clothes are also made of organic cotton, environmentally-produced and free from harmful chemicals, it's even better for both parents and children.

The clothes are designed with a Scandinavian approach to child development. There aren’t so many princesses and princes, but instead active children who want to live life in practical but clever clothes. Clothing from both brands are GOTS certified - the strictest labelling scheme on the market today. 


PaaPii is a genuinely responsible Finnish design company. All PaaPii clothes are produced in our own factory in Finland.

For PaaPii sustainability means a never ending development and learning process, responsible production through taking care of the environment and the people behind the products. 

PaaPii is constantly working on sourcing the best, cleanest and most ethical materials for the products. We favour natural clean materials, avoiding excessive use of plastic. All PaaPii’s jersey and sweatshit knits are made out GOTS- and Ökotex -certi?ed organic cotton, knitted and printed in Lithuania.


This is Mullido

Their new collection is based on the wildlife of Australia, as seen on the founders travels. 

Designed to stimulate children's desire to explore what is beautiful on our planet, and created with little travellers and explorers in mind.

Because travel is the only thing you pay for that makes your richer.

Produced with organic and sustainable fabrics in Poland.

La Romi

Welcome to La Romi!

We are a Sheffield based Children Accessories & gifting boutique. We are a small family business set up by me, Romi & my husband Matt while trying for our first child Emma. We had a simple dream of building something as a vehicle for a better world with more care than anything else.

We are always looking for inspiration to create new products, that are sustainable and stylish for the everyday parent. Our range of products is very varied and versatile, with always something available for every occasion and the different stages of your child's growth.

We pride ourselves on our work ethic, making sure our employees are on a UK living wage and ensuring that they feel proud to work for us.


Raspberry Republic

Raspberry Republic are a family run Polish company with Swedish roots delivering fun and colourful GOTS organic kids clothing of excellent quality since 2016. All their clothing is designed, printed, and manufactured ethically in Europe.



Småfolk believe in renewal, being a little different and always delivering high quality products with imagination.

All of the clothing is always happy colors, Oeko Tex certified & made to last.

Each collection is cleverly made to fit together from collection to collection, so your clothing can be mixed with previous or new drops.

The prints are bound to become a favourite with your little ones, what stories will they make?


Jelly Alligator

Jelly Alligator is a breeze of fresh air in the kidswear industry: a cherry on top of the big cake. They create clothes that rock our world and select topics that we are really passionate about. They put a lot of emphasis on details and that is why they use great materials and focus on great craftsmanship: all of their products are Made in EU in ethical working conditions!


Alba of Denmark

Bright & retro, sustainable, made with care and made to play!

Alba only choose from high quality materials and production facilities with proper work conditions for the employees. 

They always produce from organic fabrics. Alba are Nordic Ecolabel, BSCI and Oeko-Tex certified.

Alba focus on producing clothes, that will be loved by more than one child in its lifetime, promoting the Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle movement. 

Because it is our responsibility to preserve a healthy earth for our children. 

That is the Alba Philosophy. Pretty awesome right?


Turtledove London

Gender neutral pieces to pass down to smaller friends and siblings, their designs have a timeless appeal and a simple colour palette. Each collection celebrates one colour highlight to compliment monochrome aesthetics. Clean lines and simple repeat graphics, letting children lead the rhythm in the fabric of life. They have big dreams for the brand and are enjoying the journey, taking things one step at a time... Turtledove London do hope you will be joining them.


The Bonnie Mob

At The bonnie mob, they are committed to sustainability and their motto, since launching in 2005, has always been ‘Buy once, Buy well, Pass it on’. Their bright and playful clothes are designed and made to last. They love nothing more than hearing that a much-loved piece of knitwear for baby has been passed down to a sibling or on to a friend! They are a family business based in sunny Brighton (UK) and, as parents themselves, they hope to leave a better environment for our children. There are no differences between what they want for their family and what they ask from their brand. If there is an ecological way of doing something, they will always choose that path over profit. This is who they are and always have been.


Little Green Radicals

Makers of award-winning, brightly coloured baby and kids clothes. Always organic, always fair-trade. Pioneers of sustainable children's fashion

Hero And Sass

Hero & Sass offers quality, colourful, comfortable fashion trainers with added sparkle. Designed mindfully for mums and their children, in two styles; High Tops and Sneakers available in both vegan and real leathers. 

Hero & Sass was founded in 2018, with the determination of combining Somerset living with young children and the desire to work, Hero & Sass builds on the experience while creating a better work/life balance for modern families. 

Their Philosophy respects the basic understanding that this busy parenting shizzle requires added simplicity where possible. Hero & Sass are aware of sustainability and they value a shared consumer interest in the buy better, buy less ethos. 

H&S know how much faff there is to get you and your kids out of the door at times, so their trainers are designed with functional features; all their shoes are thought through offering easy on-ness / easy off-ness. Benefits like quality materials , great manufacturing offering; strong velcro, long lasting plastic zips, stretchy laces for adjustable width, all included with the user in mind. 

You can balance on one leg, with a baby on your hip whilst you zip up your high tops. Winner!