Hero and Sass Shoes

Hero & Sass offers quality, colourful, comfortable fashion trainers with added sparkle. Designed mindfully for mums and their children, in two styles; High Tops and Sneakers available in both vegan and real leathers. 


Hero & Sass was founded in 2018, with the determination of combining Somerset living with young children and the desire to work, Hero & Sass builds on the experience while creating a better work/life balance for modern families. 

Their Philosophy respects the basic understanding that this busy parenting shizzle requires added simplicity where possible. Hero & Sass are aware of sustainability and they value a shared consumer interest in the buy better, buy less ethos. 

H&S know how much faff there is to get you and your kids out of the door at times, so their trainers are designed with functional features; all their shoes are thought through offering easy on-ness / easy off-ness. Benefits like quality materials , great manufacturing offering; strong velcro, long lasting plastic zips, stretchy laces for adjustable width, all included with the user in mind. 

You can balance on one leg, with a baby on your hip whilst you zip up your high tops. Winner!